Does your organization rely on paper files? Are you wasting valuable resources and productivity by handling, filing, storing, and searching those files? Do you, your employees and your customers value your time? Paper files hinder performance and productivity and can cause time-consuming and costly problems. Document scanning and indexing may be the solution to your problems.

DocuMetrics is the solution!

Paper files put a wealth of information at risk.

DocuMetrics' clients recognize that scanning and converting documents to digital form helps eliminate these risks, while providing a more organized basis for searching and using their information assets in new and more efficient ways.

Digital files are far more efficient.

• Digital files can be structured or unstructured.
• Search engines can locate digital files in numerous ways, including by keywords or key phrases.
• Digital files can be accessed from anywhere in the world via a network.
• Digital files are not limited to one person, one location, or one time frame. Multiple users can access data simultaneously.
• Digital files are accessed without removing them from their original storage location.
• Digital files cannot be misfiled or misplaced.
• Digital files are easy to duplicate and store in a secondary, secure location as insurance against natural and manmade disasters, large and small.
• Security can be implemented and managed without affecting accessibility for those with permission.
• No more paper cuts!

Why DocuMetrics?

Getting from A to B, while simple in concept, can be daunting in execution. You and your staff probably have enough to do already, leaving your company ill-equipped and unprepared to do the essential, demanding and tedious work of carefully scanning and converting your documents to digital form. However, that is DocuMetrics' expert staff's only job. Leave document scanning, conversion and indexing to us and we’ll leave you to focus on what you do best.

DocuMetrics has the experience and expertise to help you meet your document management needs. We have nothing to offer but our services — dedicated, first and foremost, to meeting your goals. We do not represent any particular software or hardware vendors, so we are completely objective in our opinions and advice. When it comes to top quality scanning, there is no competition! If you want it done right the first time, you need DocuMetrics.

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