DocuMetrics serves a range of clients whose success depends on complete, organized access to data and information documents. From Nuclear power plants to financial, commercial, governmental or legal firms DocuMetrics supplies thorough document management and database services necessary to warrant success.

Below are two examples of the customized Documetrics' databases. Customizable databases are available to clients of all sizes across industries. Please contact us at info@topqualityscanning.com with questions or comments. DocuMetrics also provides coaching and consulting services for assistance using these databases or creating a database of your own.

Nuclear Regulatory Commission Bibliographic Retrieval System (BRS)*

This sample database consists of 2+ million bibliographic citations and over 33,000 full text files representing all public records of nuclear power plant licensing activities in the United States through October 29, 1999.  Approximately 1,000 image files (PDF format) are also linked to the associated data.

This database, created by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission was hosted via dial-up connection until March 31, 2003, is now available in web-based format only from DocuMetrics and, recently, from the NRC Web-Based Public ADAMS Legacy Library.

Public NRC records, beginning November 1999, are available at NRC's Agencywide Document Access and Management System (ADAMS).

For more information on the content, structure and advanced search capabilities of this sample database, please refer to the Database Description and Searching Tips.

*DocuMetrics, Inc. is not affiliated with or approved by the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) in any way.  This web-based legacy library is provided as a public service to facilitate access to NRC BRS data in a user-friendly format.

Virginia Circuit Court and Appeals Court Cases

This sample database demonstrates the power of full text search. Search full text from 7,000+ cases -- 201 VA. 1 (1959) through 247 VA. 506 (1994) & 1 VA. APP. 1 (1985) through 17 VA. APP. 439 (1993). 

The searchable database permits full search capabilities throughout the document and across records. This sample database can also be searched using specific document attributes (i.e. title, case name, cite or text). Citations and cross-citations are hyperlinked, where possible, within the scope of this sample.

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