Document Scanning
Accurately and completely digitizing paper or filmed documents is our specialty. From business-card size to E-size drawing, in black and white, grayscale or full color, we treat each and every document as if it is your most important document because, you never know, it just might be!

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
Optical Character Recognition (OCR) deciphers the scanned documents and converts the patterns of dots into text characters. This enables application of powerful search capabilities, editing, and repurposing to be applied to all of the content of your documents. Provided the original documents are in decent shape we are able to achieve 99.5% accuracy of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) results. Furthermore, we can efficiently proofread the OCR results and correct any errors manually, if warranted.

PDF, Adobe's Portable Document Format, permits easy distribution, publication, and use of digitized documents without restrictions. We offer PDF conversions of your paper documents in any of the defined formats. Additionally, DocuMetrics can add meta data, set open options and security settings, scale document size, and watermark or Bates stamp your documents.

Data Migration and Conversion

Technological advances are exciting and inevitable, but can be frustrating without proper data conversion and data migration. Documetrics’ experts offer data conversion and data migration to and from any paper, text or database formats to meet your specifications. We provide complete, accurate, and reliable data conversion and migration with full-verification, audit and quality control.

Indexing accurately for proper data management and retrieval is essential. Inadequate indexing is the bane of organization, costing both time and money. DocuMetrics works with you to provide the level and nature of indexing best suited to your needs. Indexing services are provided with the accuracy and efficiency we pride ourselves in delivering.

Database Development
DocuMetrics offers customized database development and integration services. We create complete databases to provide a lasting solution for your document integration and data management needs. Customized databases enhance your work flow and augment processes.

DocuMetrics coaching and consulting services allow us to work with you concerning your database development and management needs. We work for you, with you, or can train you to manage yourself. Our agenda is to help you help yourself, whether we do the work or you do it. Our expert consultants help you decide the best plan of action to achieve your goals, whatever they may be.


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